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Mezinárodní semináře pro mladé

Chtěli byste být dobrovolníky? Nebo třeba napsat esej o udržitelném rozvoji? Inspirujte se a třeba se i přidejte. Angličtina nutná!

*International seminar for Fairtrade volunteers 6.-8.6.08*,
deadline for applications is *25.4.
The seminar will address the following issues:
*- What are the current developments of the Fairtrade system
- Impacts of Fairtrade for the producer. Examples from cotton and fruit
- Global environmental impacts of agriculture
- How and why join forces internationally to campaign for Fairtrade?*
Travel grants and fee: *We are able to accept all together 45
participants from different countries to the event. Fairtrade Action
Network is able to cover the accomodation costs of the event, and for
the accepted participants the participation is free of charge.*
*The participants or their organizations are expected to cover each
participant's travel cost. However, to ensure a diverse and balanced
group of participants with people of different countries, ages, NGOs,
backgrounds and education levels Fairtrade Action Network is able to
give a limited amount of travel grants to participants. To apply for a
grant attach details of your travel budget, method of transport and the
amount of support you are applying for.
*Application form: *http://www.fairtradeaction.net/material/?g2_itemId=374
*Programme draft:* http://www.fairtradeaction.net/material/?g2_itemId=380
*Invitation letter:* http://www.fairtradeaction.net/material/?g2_itemId=377

2008 International Youth Essay Contest
*Young people from around the world are invited to enter the 2008
International Essay Contest organised by UNESCO and the Goi Peace
Foundation with the sponsorship of the Earthrise Society.
The theme for this year's contest is *"My project to create positive
change in my environment. How can I foster sustainable development in my
community."* The deadline for entry is June 30, 2008. Participants have
to be aged between 15-25 years. First prize winners will receive a cash
award and a trip to Japan.
Please see the complete guidelines at the Goi Peace Foundation website:
To read winning essays from last year's contest, go to:

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